Don’t let the cold bother you this Saturday, January 22.  Come to Lemont Downtown and enjoy the sights of this inaugural event.

Man sculpting a dragon out of ice

Enjoy a live ice carving demonstration starting at 5pm at General Fry’s Landing.  (This is the area near Next Mex).  Along with the demonstration, 15 custom ice sculptures will be location around the downtown area.  Use the map below to find your favorite characters, and find the signs to vote for who should be the downtown mascot.

Take lots of pictures of the sculptures, as well as the beautiful lights display.  Use the hashtag #LemontDowntown to share on social.

hayride going through Lemont Downtown

The Lemont Tractor Club will also be downtown, so jump on board your free hayride!

While you are walking around, make sure to grab a bite to eat and our local restaurants or the food trucks (Mucha Salsa, Matt’s Barbecue, Sandhill Coffee).

You can follow the event on Facebook at  Make sure to click the button that says you’re going!