In a former life, I created the Heritage Corridor Ale Trail.  This was a project that I worked on for the Heritage Corridor Convention and Visitors Bureau which highlighted a number of different breweries, including Pollyanna Brewing Company, and their creations.  Through the thousands of beers I wrote about … none were like the beer that Pollyanna is releasing tomorrow (on February 18th).

An Eisbock can only be done by a distillery.  (And, Pollyanna has a distillation license).  The beer is made by freezing water out of a strong Bock lager and concentrating the remaining liquid.

I’m going to embed the full story from Brian, Pollyanna’s head brewer.  But, make sure to enjoy Jötunheimr starting on Friday, 2/18.  Make sure to get it soon, as it’ll be extremely rare.