With great weather expected, it’s the perfect weekend to head out to The Forge.

Not only will you get to experience the great attractions (including the new Axe Throwing lanes), but you can enjoy live music, Irish beverages, and their annual Liam the Leprechaun scavenger hunt.

On Saturday, 3/19 and Sunday, 3/20 at 2pm, you’ll get to sit back, relax, and enjoy Irish Music from Small Batch (Saturday) and The Irish Music School of Chicago (Sunday).

On both days as well, you can book your time to help Liam the Leprechaun find his enchanted Golden Pickaxe.  Here’s the full story:

Liam, the Lemont Leprechaun has been living these quarries ever since coming to Lemont from Ireland with his relatives to help build the I&M Canal. Last year, Liam’s legendary gold treasure was stolen by some naughty leprechauns. Thankfully, many helpful treasure hunters banded together to find and recover it. To get back at Liam, the leprechauns we arrested last year teamed up with a twisted Irish banshee who cast a spell on Liam, causing him to forget the location of his enchanted Golden Pickaxe!

Remember, if you are going to take part in an activity to book your reservation at https://www.forgeparks.com/entertain.  If you are coming for food, drink, or just to relax, just head down!

Find out more about The Forge by visiting them online at https://www.forgeparks.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/theforgelemont.