Last month, Spira Farms held a contest over social media to see the best photos of food plates using their microgreens.  The winner was based on overall likes, and will receive some Spira Swag.

The most liked photo went to Christine, who used arugula with her omelette.

Omelette with Spira Farms Argula Microgreens with a coffee mug in the back

Kellie Ann also received a mention for her amazing plates, including microgreen beets in her tacos!

Tacos and other dishes featuring Spira Farms Microgreens

Loretta also had an amazing plate, featuring fresh fruit to accentuate the meal.

Eggs, strawberries, other berries with Spira Farms microgreens on top.

Make sure to check out Spira Farms at a Farmer’s Market near you, and soon, we’ll know more details about their location opening up on State Street in Lemont!

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