Ready to push your workout to the next level?  How about that level being at 120 degrees?

Heatshock Fitness is a new Homer Glen gym that includes trainer-led workouts in private or group saunas, using 120 degrees for maxmium benefits.  The saunas are all part of a scientific workout, which includes infrared therapy to burn fat, detoxify, relieve pain, increase circulation, promote brain health, and improve your overall skin appearance.

Co-owners Gerad Cassello and Alexis Munaco were co-workers selling gym equipment.  They wanted to create an all-inclusive community, looking to improve overall health and wellness in the most efficient space possible.  With a combined 40 years of experience in the industry, they created a space that goes beyond a sweaty workout, offering real-time results in less time.

There are two sides of the gym, with one containing functional cardio and strength equipment, with the other side including saunas for trainer-led workouts.

They are located at 12101 W. 159th Street in Homer Glen, IL.  You can find out more by visiting them online at or

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