When a menu keeps your favorites, and introduces a plethora of picks to please your palate – it means two things.  First, you’ll have difficult decisions ahead.  Second, it won’t matter because you will decide to come back again and again.  And the folks over at Lock & Mule by Tangled Brewing Company have definitely got us thinking about what to try first when we visit next to try their new menu.

First things first …

First of all, they kept my favorite burger, the Brewmaster BBQ Burger.  The burger is adorned with Bourbon cherry BBQ sauce, bacon, aged cheddar, frittes aioli, pickles, and crispy onions.  They also kept the Cease and Desist, the Fish and Chips, and some others.

For Starters …

We’ve got some photos of their starters.  And, where to start?

The Beer Belly –  Beer-braised pork belly, sizzling and succulent, with maple-glaze, jalapeño cheddar grits, and pickled fennel slaw.  Get in my belly!  

Photo of The Beer Belly appetizer at Lock and Mule. Beer is in the background of the photo.

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers – Bursting with Obatzda cheese, served over street corn “elote” and finished with spicy honey.  Because, yes, bacon … but the street corn and spicy honey make this a truly desirable combination.  

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Stuffed Shrooms – Jumbo mushrooms, roasted tomato, garlic spinach, Obatzda cheese, parmesan cream sauce, and a balsamic reduction.


IPA Short Ribs – Lemon orzo, mushroom demi, and scallions.

IPA Short Ribs

Marinated Skirt Steak – 6oz marinated skirt steak, Argentinian chimichurri, and hand-cut truffle Pecorino potato wedges.  As a former meat company employee, I can say that skirt steak is a very underrated cut.  Definitely don’t pass this one up.  And, I wish I had a photo!

Chicken Schnitzel – White cheddar mashed potatoes, lemon beurre blanc sauce, capers, and house pickles.  I had this as an Oktoberfest special earlier this year, and it was so good — I forgot to take a photo of it.  

See the Entire Menu

If you want to check out the menu, head right over to the Lock & Mule menu by clicking this link.

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