As a parent of two, it’s tough to get out for my wife and I to get out on a date night.  So, I can imagine that it might be pretty similar situation for many of you.  It can also be expensive too… as those currently in the dating world will definitely agree with.

Wooden Paddle is here to solve that, as they’re giving away a 3-course dinner date every day from December 13 to Christmas Eve.  Keep an eye on their social media feeds (Facebook and Instagram) as each day – they will have a specific post for you to tag your date in.  Also, your date can in-turn tag you in that same post … giving you a leg up on the competition.

We’ll embed some of the Facebook posts on this page … but make sure to visit or in case my kids are watching YouTube on my laptop and I’m unable to post.

December 14

December 13

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